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Aftermath is the debut album by POM band Life Of a Lucid Dreamer, released to Crumble Records on November 29, 2013 and released at Cookies & Biscuits Records in January of 2014. Aftermath is LOLD's only album to date to be released at a major label.

Musical Style Edit

The album has mostly been considered as heavy metal, progressive metal and thrash metal. The album features an overall heavy, melancholic and dissonant form of metal music while taking elements of progressive metal, not so much for technicality (except for the intro of The New Beginning being in the 6/4 time signature and all the dissonance throughout the album) but for lengthy and (sometimes) oddly structured songs, and strange key signatures.

Track Listing Edit

The album contains a total of 9 tracks, one being a collaboration between LOLD and Emblem Distortion and one being a bonus/teaser track that leads into the next album, Broken.

  1. Frozen Tears (2:46)
  2. Scarring Memory (4:27)
  3. Our Bleeding Hearts (4:15)
  4. The New Beginning (8:27)
  5. Nothing Left (3:47)
  6. Agony (7:36)
  7. One Of These Nights w/ Emblem Distortion (3:50)
  8. The Turn Of Events (7:49)
  9. Vengeance (Bonus/Teaser) (0:26)