Life Of a Lucid Dreamer (often abbreviated as LOLD) is an American progressive metal band created within Punk-o-Matic 2 by Egbert2011 on July 18, 2013. They formed as a 3-piece experimental rock/metal group consisting of Jared on drums, Mordecai on guitar and Geoffrey on bass, when they started recording demo tracks. After 4 songs done, they hired Ian as their lead guitarist, and resumed progress on recording their demo tape. By the time it was finished they created Crumble Records, originally to independently release their albums, and later decided to make it a full-blown record label. They released their debut album, Aftermath, on November 28, 2013 on Crumble Records, and later signed to Cookies and Biscuits records and put up the album. Later, they decided to release their demo tape to the public December 29, 2013 on Crumble Records. They've left Cookies and Biscuits, however they decided to keep their album up there. They started working on their second album Broken shortly after New Years, and completed and released it June 13, 2014 on Crumble Records.

Musical Style and Influences Edit

Influences Edit

Life Of a Lucid Dreamer considers themselves "technically" as Progressive metal, heavy metal, hard rock and progressive rock, although they draw influences from many other genres, from classic rock to metalcore and melodic death metal.

Real-life Bands they have drawn inspiration from include Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Yes, Metallica, Slayer, Rise Against, 30 Seconds To Mars, Porcupine Tree, Kamelot, All That Remains, Scorpions, and many more.

They also draw influences from some artists from the Punk-o-matic community, including Conscientia, Plateau and Dissonance as their largest POM influences.

Musical Style Edit

Like previously stated, LOLD technically considers themselves as progressive metal, hard rock and other such genres. Their debut album featured a heavy, dissonant melancholic and non-technical style of prog metal, while their second featured a more progressive and melodic metal/rock sound. Their demo tape was considered experimental rock/metal, as it had sounds and styles of alternative, nu metal, doom metal, post-hardcore, metalcore and hard rock all mixed into one.

Their upcoming third album, which they had announced to be titled Reuinited, which, from the tracks released, seems as if it will take a more radio-friendly hard rock sound while incorporating dissonance, melodies and uncommon time signatures to create a somewhat balanced sound between simplicity and technicality.